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Tens, hundreds Egypt! Tens, hundreds Nepal!


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Statement of the Central Committee CC 9/11 - 12 February 2011

Tens, hundreds Egypt! Tens, hundreds Nepal!

Long live the great victory of the Egyptian people!

An example, a signal and a boost to other Arab and Muslim countries!

After the victory in Tunisia, another step forward in the new democratic, anti-feudal and anti-imperialist revolution, in the Arab and Muslim countries!

The struggle against imperialism and Zionism rages from Tunisia, to Egypt, to Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon! Other countries will be on fire!

The teachings for the oppressed and the exploited classes from all over the world!


Finally, the puppet of US imperialism and of Israeli Zionist gave up. Hosni Mubarak has left the power. The Egyptian people, 85 million people strong and with a large working class, won a first major victory, took a major step forward in the new democratic anti-feudal and imperialist revolution they need. 

The Communists wish new great successes to the Egyptian people on behalf of the working class and of the other exploited and oppressed classes of our country. 

The imperialists of the whole world, the International Community of the imperialist powers headed by the US government, the Israeli Zionists, are shaking and trying to salvage whatever possible. At present, they sacrificed another their servile puppet, partner of business and intrigues for many years, a traitor to his people: Hosni Mubarak. All the puppets who in many countries oppressed crush the masses to serve the imperialist powers and groups are trembling. After the former cases of the Shah of Persia (1979) and of Manuel Noriega of Panama (1989), the miserable fate of Ben Ali on 14th January and yesterday 11th February Hosni Mubarak, come to disturb the sleep of the persecutor and dictators on International Community’s account: who is next? The protection by imperialists and Zionists do not reassure anymore. Nethaniau and Abu Mazen are trembling and plot in the shadow: will the US imperialists be able to hold in their hands the Egypt now after Mubarak has left? The heads of Government of the European Union, Angela Merkel, David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Luis Zapatero, Silvio Berlusconi and the rest of the company, are mobilized to support Barak Obama in the maneuvers of US Federal Administration, of Pentagon and NATO to hold the revolutionary forces of Egypt at bay, to ensure that the handover, in countries where it is inevitable, happens in the “order”, that is to say under the control of imperialist groups and powers and of the Zionists. Now they admit that the regimes that until recently were their protégés, were not “democratic regimes”; now they must be quickly repainted, and the masses must be induced to elect any of the men trusted by imperialists and Zionists. 

Imperialists and Zionists will not be easily able to put under control and stop the revolution of the Arab and Muslim countries. It is ending the long period of stagnation and difficulties of the revolution of oppressed peoples that followed the exhaustion of the first wave of world proletarian revolution led by the communist movement. The general crisis of the imperialist world system again pushes forward the revolution. The heroic struggle carried out by the popular masses of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon and the many hotbeds fed with heroic determination in other Arab and Muslim countries, have shaken the prestige of the imperialist powers and undertake an increasing amount of their forces, though, given the weakness of the communist movement, the leadership of the heroic struggle of the broad masses is in the hands of traditional clerical groups that anyway by their nature cannot lead it to final victory on the world imperialist system. The example of the revolution in Iran clearly shows the potential, but also the limits of their direction: it gives some trouble to the International Community led by the US government and the Zionists of Israel, encourages and gives strength to the rebellion in some Arab countries and Muslims oppressed by the world imperialist system, but by no means has become a new basis of global anti-imperialist revolution. However, the anti-imperialist movement advances with courage and seeks its way in Latin America, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and in other countries: the resistance of Cuba and of the FARC in Colombia is paying off. The heroic struggle the popular masses in India led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) carry out against multinationals to which the Indian state has contracted out the looting of the country and the exploitation of the population, shows the way to the masses of other “emerging countries” “sold by the comprador bourgeoisie and by the feudal lords to the multinationals for being looted and arouses hope all over the world. The example of the new democratic revolution in Nepal led by the United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) shines and encourages the worldwide renaissance of the communist movement on  the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the third higher stage of communist conception of the world after Marxism and Marxism-Leninism. 


For the Communists, the working class and the other classes of the Italian popular masses the victory of the Egyptian people is the confirmation that we can rise up and win. The Workers’ Organizations and People’s Organizations will certainly make the top of the Papal Republic and their protectors and godfathers, the US Federal Administration, NATO, European Union governments, swallow the establishment of its own emergency government, the People’s Bloc Government, if they will make the country ungovernable by any government enactment of the heads of the Republic Pontifical, if they will mobilize the masses to reject systematically and widespread any coercion, deprivation and sacrifice that the Papal Republic seeks to impose. Already the leaders of the Pontifical Republic are in a crisis on their own. They have given country’s government to Berlusconi and his gang of criminals, clericals, speculators, Fascists and whoremongers. And now that the gang shows itself incapable of driving the country across the crisis at least like the other imperialist countries, they would like to get rid of them, but do not agree on who should put in their place and, above all, they are not able to induce Berlusconi to resign. Berlusconi did not want and cannot end up like Craxi [Italian politician leader in the Eighties dead in exile in the Nineties, Note of Translator] and Ben Ali. Started as a financier of the Mafia, he was able to hoist himself to the role of big boss of the organized crime. He was charged with governing the country as head of the criminal organizations and now he cannot retire in peace to pursue his vices with his accumulated wealth. The heads of the Papal Republic must suffer or suicide him, as it is the tradition of the Papal Republic and of the Vatican. The advance of the masses towards the People’s Bloc Government will force them to decide. 

The events that have followed from the referendum of Pomigliano (22th June, 2010) [Pomigliano is the FIAT plant near Naples, Note of Translator] and the initiative taken by the FIOM [the Federation of the Italian Metal Workers, Note of Translator] to act as an authoritative gathering centre of resistance against Marchionne’s Plan, [Marchionne is FIAT managing director, Note of Translator] paved the way for the establishment of People’s Bloc Government, showed the galvanizing effect that the emergence of a authoritative even if yet uncertain center has for popular masses’ resistance. Its galvanizing effect will multiply when its decision will increase: it can only increase if FIOM, the Basic Trade Union (USB), the Cobas Confederation, the SLAI Cobas, the other alternative unions, the Federations of Public Workers, of Pensioners, of Knowledge Workers of the Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL) will not accept to follow the miserable and shameful road of CISL, UIL, UGL and the other trade unions party to the pillory and selling off workers’ rights and interests. The claims of the bosses have no limits. 

The victory of the masses first in Tunisia and now in Egypt confirms that we can go along the street to form the People’s Bloc Government, that victory comes only through the sacrifices and struggles, that victory is not easy, but that victory is possible.


We can win! We have to win! It depends on us! 


Let’s go towards the establishment of the People’s Bloc Government! 


The severity of the economic and environmental crises, the severity of the evils that afflict us, requires radical solutions! 


The measures imposed by Marchionne, by Sacconi, by Tremonti [ministers of Berlusconi’s government, Note of  Translator] and by their instigators and accomplices do not bring us out of the crisis. If they were to pass, it would be just another step in the crisis that worsens and in the precipice of a greater barbarism, war and the destruction of  human kind and of the environment! 


Tunisia and Egypt outline the way that we and other Mediterranean countries will follow! The revolt smoulders in many other countries! If we move, we do not risk to be isolated!


In recent months we have moved forward: not resignation and fear, but the indignation and the revolt that smoulders, the ferment that grows are prevailing!


The establishment of People’s Bloc Government widens the way of the renaissance of the communist movement, it will lead to the establishment of socialism and it will contribute to the development of the second wave of proletarian revolution that advances all over the world! 


The new Italian Communist Party 

- calls every worker and every conscious member of popular masses to participate and make participate in the mobilizations to face the crisis, against the leaders of the Papal Republic! 

- calls the advanced workers to form popular committees to the crisis in every  company! 

- calls every advanced element of the popular masses to constitute popular organizations in every neighborhood and in every town! 


The new Italian Communist Party calls all the popular masses 

- to organize and to reject in the most organized way they can and in every field, every constraint and sacrifice that the Papal Republic tries to impose, 

- to systematically disobey any imposition of its Authorities, 

- to take possession freely of the goods and services which an increasing share of the popular masses are deprived of because of the block of economic activities, of unemployment, low wages and pensions and starvation social security cushions!


The new Italian Communist Party call the workers and the most advanced and generous elements of the popular masses to build Party committees clandestinely in each department and company, in every neighborhood and country, in every mass organization at every level: to aggregate the advanced elements, learning to operate clandestinely, learning together to play an effective guidance on the work of their comrades, on Workers and People’s Organizations of their area, in the trade unions, among the popular masses!  


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